2022 Pre School Classes

2022 Pre School Classes

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Whether you are a closet singer or aspiring to belt those high notes on YouTube, online professional vocal coaching will allow you to understand music and become a better singer from the comfort of your own home. Singing off-key? High notes cracking? We've got you covered! Learn to sing with style and confidence, achieve your singing goals and dreams and discover your true unique voice!




Pop Vocals Step 1

Pop Vocals Step 1

Pop Vocals G1

Pop Vocals G2
5 - 6yo
6 - 7yo
7 - 9yo
8 - 10yo


Musical Theatre Vocals Step 1

Musical Theatre Vocals Step 2

Musical Theatre Vocals G1

Musical Theatre Vocals G2
5 - 6yo
6 - 8yo
7 - 9yo
8 - 10yo
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1.Cultivate discipline and resilience

Learning singing is a fun activity that trains the student focus & performance skills from their very first class. From learning about the right singing posture, breathing technique and forming the right tone, students start to learn focus and concentration early on which will aid them in other areas of their lives. 

2. Have fun and make friends

Friendships often form when there is a common interest and goal. Through learning together, rehearsing with each other and encouraging their peers, students foster new friendships that can last a long time. We all need support from time to time and a friend to lean on! Singing classes can be a great way to meet new people while having fun together!

3. Confidence building

Singing is a great way to build confidence as students can see their improvements over time. It might be passing an exam or simply learning a new song for a performance. Students feel a sense of accomplishment after working through the jitters and the nerves. 

4. Improving musicality & awareness

Singers will develop a keen sense of hearing, sense of rhythm and awareness towards music which not only help them to be better singers but also aid in other aspects of music like playing an instrument or have better groove at dancing .

5. Extra Accreditation

Our structured syllabus takes the singer from a beginner to a proficient singer through going for yearly exams. We are accredited under LCM which offers a wide range of exams including Pop Vocals Exam from Grade 1 - 8. We have built our pre school and kids curriculum around the exam syllabus to introduce the material to them early. Students who have gone for exams tend to do well for DSA applications!