Musical Theatre

The unique emotion-provoking, storytelling-centered experience that is Musical Theater allows you to communicate an array of emotions through words, music, movement, and challenging technical aspects. Students develop an ability to understand works of literature, performance, and self-expression, the perfect outlet for people to express themselves in a unique manner artistically.ntegrated whole.

 Differentiated Levels 

GRADE 1 - 8
(7 - 12yo)
(10 - 16yo)


1. Cultivate discipline and resilience

Musical Theatre is a rigorous activity that trains the student performance skills from their very first class. From standing in line, to walking on stage, performing, the ending bow to bidding everyone goodbye at the end of the lesson, students start to learn focus and concentration early on which will aid them in other areas of their lives.

2. Have fun and make friends

Friendships often form when there is a common interest and goal. Through learning together, rehearsing with each other and encouraging their peers, students foster new friendships that can last a long time. We all need support from time to time and a friend to lean on! Attending classes can be a great way to meet new people while having fun together!

3. Confidence building

Musical Theatre is a great way to build confidence as students can see their improvements over time. It might be passing an exam or simply learning a new piece for a performance. Students feel a sense of accomplishment after working through the jitters and the nerves.

4. Becoming a triple threat

This is the only syllabus in Singapore that focuses on equipping the students with various performing arts skills across the genres. It takes you from a beginner to a master of singing, dancing and acting. It is a great way to learn how to express yourself in different ways and can be a healthy outlet towards greater mental wellness.

5. Extra Accreditation

Our structured syllabus takes the dancer from a beginner to a proficient dancer through going for yearly exams. We are accredited under CSTD which offers examinations in Pre-Theatrical and Performing Arts. We have built our pre school and kids curriculum around the exam syllabus to introduce the material to them early. Students who have gone for exams tend to do well for DSA applications!



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"Went for my first ever vocal lesson with my talented (and hardworking) cousin Deniece. I love love love singing, and I’ve always wanted to learn more about how to breathe better, and how to sing them big notes without shirking from them/just chickening out and switching to my head voice. 


It was pretty cool how significant a difference I could feel after working with D for just one hour. I could hold notes longer, my tone was clearer, and I felt much more confident with the higher notes. 


If you’ve always loved singing and want someone to just give you some tips on how to do warmups, what different singing techniques there are, drop her a DM!"

Amanda Foo


Instructor - Deniece.jpeg




Deniece Foo has had a love for the stage since she was 3 years old. She went on to assist in Musical Productions and pursued her studies in Musical Theatre in the London College of Music and graduated with flying colours.


She teamed up with industry professionals to write her first musical, "So Atas" in 2019 and have continued to help her students achieve distinctions for their musical theatre exams. She strongly believes in nurturing the best out of each student and her enthusiasm is evident in every lesson!


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